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I tried to tell the story of Romeo and Juliet with just visual elements. Because I’ve been busy with typography I tried to do this with a typeface.


I was curious if I could tell which scene it was only with these emotions processed into a typeface. The emotions are displayed by diamonds and crosses. Diamonds standing for love and the cross stands for hate. The bigger the shape, the heavier this emotion in that scene. The shapes are always in relation to each other. If love is bigger than hate is smaller. In this way the shapes will show reflection of these emotions in this story.


You can read this story on the basis of emotions instead of text. In scenes where both emotions are balanced you can read the text. However if one of both emotions will get the upper hand the text gets really hard to read. It will get more abstract. Love makes blind. But hate will do the same. I've made this project in Processing and I made a book with it aswell.

With the emotions being the main focus I tried to make typography inferior to these emotions. That's why the leading is very narrow. If you type in multiply words or even a sentence. You'll get some sort of pattern instead of text that is readable.

I’ve had the chance to expose this project at the Dutch Design Week of 2016. This was a great oppurtinity to showcase my project and to see what others thought about it. Also I've learnt all kind of new names since everyones first thing they filled in was their name.